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Worried About the Capital One Data Breach? Here’s How To Protect Yourself

Financial July 31, 2019

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With data breaches like the one revealed in July 2019 affecting Capital One credit card customers and applicants, it’s smart to protect yourself by taking steps to safeguard your personal data. Photo credit: Tumisu/Pixabay

The Capital One data breach, in which a hacker gained access to the personal information of more than 100 million credit card applicants and cardholders, serves as a chilling reminder that everyone’s personal data is at risk. Even though, as Capital One has said, no credit card numbers or login credentials were exposed, every credit card customer in America — that’s most of us, right? — is worried about his or her own information.

At GHP Investment Advisors (GHPIA), our team is always on the alert for security breaches, scams, frauds, and other attempts to compromise our clients’ information. GHPIA Financial Planning Associate Deirdre McGuire has compiled a data-protection checklist of simple tasks you can perform to help safeguard your identity and frustrate attempted hacks on your financial information and other personal data.

If you believe your data have been breached, here’s a downloadable checklist of actions to take, prepared for us by Schwab. And if you’re a GHPIA client, please email us or call us at (303) 831-5051. Our Financial Concierge Service team is happy to help clients untangle tricky situations like this or take other burdensome financial tasks off your plate.

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