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In an earlier less globalized era, American investors could ignore a debt default in Greece. European investors could disregard subprime mortgages in the United States. Investors did not care whether China devalued its currency or manipulated its stock market. Today, investors ignore global events at their peril.

We are often astonished that many investment professionals are unaware of basic international differences such as Common Law vs. Civil Law or bank vs. capital market financial systems. Understanding these fundamentals helps us gauge risk and reward in global financial markets. We believe country governance is as important as individual company analysis. In fact, this top-down valuation is so critical to our foreign investment strategy, we’ve developed proprietary tools to guide our decision making.

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The New Phase of Globalization

June 18, 2024

Despite recent obstacles and geopolitical tensions, we foresee global trade continuing to prosper, albeit with shifts in location and beneficiaries compared to previous decades.

VIDEO: Financial Planning Process

May 21, 2024

Watch our latest video detailing our Financial Planning Process. Financial and retirement planning for most is a daunting and complicated process. Ensuring you have sufficient wealth accumulation and preservation requires meticulous...

VIDEO: 2024 Economic Forum

May 21, 2024

The theme of our 2024 Economic Forum was Securing Tomorrow: Addressing the Government Fiscal Crisis. Our speakers Brian Friedman, Carin Wagner, and Mike Sullivan, and MC Christian Lewton, discussed the...

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