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We customize a portfolio strategy based on your plan, focusing on long-term returns. Market volatility is hard to predict, so rather than market timing, we use the GHPIA Valuation Benchmark process to determine the relationship between risk and reward.

In developing your investment strategy, we account for several factors including your investment goals, time horizon, liquidity needs, risk tolerance, tax impact, economic conditions, and international exposure.


The GHPIA Investment Risk Scorecard

To stay disciplined and realistic when evaluating companies, we rely on our Investment Risk Scorecard. This approach helps our team quantify the exposure of companies and industries to factors such as market risk, economic risk, financial risk, operating risk, and obsolescence risk. To learn more about our risk-scoring process, read this essay, or watch this related video.

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Taking the Emotion Out of Investing

We created the proprietary GHPIA Valuation Benchmark to determine if a potential investment or asset class is overvalued, undervalued, high-risk, or low-risk. These time-tested benchmarks help us analyze potential investments rationally, without regard to the euphoria or anxiety that accompany market swings and trends, and choose the ones most appropriate for your investment strategy. Learn more about how our Valuation Benchmark helps us build resilient portfolios in this pair of short videos.

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Our Fiduciary Duty

It seems like common sense; your financial advisor should work in your best interest. Isn’t that always the case? Not necessarily. Whether you choose to work with GHPIA or another advisor, we encourage you to know exactly what a fiduciary relationship means. As an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), we do not consider our fiduciary relationship with clients to be a burden. It is the way we entered the field more than 20 years ago, and it is the way we will continue to treat our clients into the future. We establish a straightforward, transparent relationship where we work to find investment opportunities to help meet your financial goals.

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Market Perspectives

Gain key insights from our trusted and respected wealth managers. Keep up with current market conditions that may impact your financial future.

The Bond Market’s Role in Shaping U.S. Fiscal Responsibility

The key to managing the U.S. debt challenge lies not in eliminating the deficit altogether, but ensuring the deficit as a percentage of the economy remains below the growth rate...

The New Phase of Globalization

Despite recent obstacles and geopolitical tensions, we foresee global trade continuing to prosper, albeit with shifts in location and beneficiaries compared to previous decades.

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