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Here's How it Works

We charge a fee for the initial financial plan. It varies based on the complexity of your plan, but it is straightforward and spelled out in advance. As long as you are an asset management client of GHP Investment Advisors, Inc., you do not have to pay for updates to your financial plan—it is simply part of the service we provide.

Asset Management Fees

Assets Under Management Standard Equity Assets Fee Standard Fixed Income Assets Fee
$1-$999,999 1.00 % 0.30 %
$1,000,000-$1,999,999 0.90 % 0.30 %
$2,000,000-$2,999,999 0.80 % 0.30 %
$3,000,000-$3,999,999 0.70 % 0.30 %
$4,000,000-$4,999,999 0.60 % 0.30 %
$5,000,000-$14,999,999 0.50 % 0.30 %
$15,000,000-$24,999,999 0.45 % 0.30 %
$25,000,000-$49,999,999 0.40 % 0.30 %
$50,000,000-$74,999,999 0.35 % 0.30 %
$75,000,000 and above 0.30 % 0.30 %

All fees for asset management services are based on a percentage of your assets under management.  These fees are calculated using an incremental tiered fee structure that declines as assets increase between 1.0% and 0.3% per year for equity assets.  Fixed income investments are charged at a flat rate of 0.30% per year, regardless of account size.  There is no charge for cash under management. 

Professional Services Reimbursement Allowance (PSRA)

GHP Investment Advisors, Inc. (GHPIA) recognizes that effective wealth management often involves the blending of various professional services. To help offset the cost of these services, GHPIA created our Professional Services Reimbursement Allowance (PSRA) program. Through this program, eligible clients receive an annual reimbursement allowance which they may apply to the cost of qualified third party professional services. Asset management clients who pay standard management fees on $1 million or more of equity assets may be eligible to receive an annual reimbursement allowance of $1,000 or more. Examples of professional services include (but are not limited to) tax preparation, legal advice, estate planning, or business consulting.

Financial Planning Reimbursement

To help offset the cost of the initial financial plan, GHP Investment Advisors (GHPIA) provides qualified asset management clients with a reimbursement allowance according to the schedule below.

fpo illustration

Equity Assets Under Management Reimbursement for Financial Planning Services Professional Services Reimbursement Allowance
$500,000-$999,999 $1,000 $0
$1,000,000-$1,999,999 100% $1,000
$2,000,000-$2,999,999 100% $2,000
$3,000,000-$5,000,000* 100% $3,000

*Please note, if you have equity assets in excess of $5,000,000, you may be eligible to receive an additional $1,000 professional services reimbursement allowance for each $2,000,000 in incremental equity assets under management. 

The maximum Professional Services Reimbursement Allowance is $25,000 per year. 

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