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  • Claire Bobson

    Office Manager

    For many years, Claire Bobson’s workplace was the great outdoors. She’s been a horse trail guide at Yosemite and a snowboarding instructor at Lake Tahoe. Those activities taught her to be prepared and resilient, qualities that serve her well at GHPIA, where she helps keep the firm running smoothly with her mastery of logistics.

    Claire’s years in the tourism and hospitality industry also involved stints at several hotels, including the Sheraton Denver Tech Center, jobs that would teach her how to make GHPIA’s clients feel comfortable and at ease. As GHPIA’s office manager and a member of the client relations team, Claire is responsible for such tasks as scheduling meetings, event planning, mailing and shipping, making deposits for clients, notarizing documents, and purchasing office technology. A native of northern California, Claire studied at California State University at Chico before moving to Denver, where she continued her studies at Metro State University.

    Claire continues to enjoy the outdoors in Colorado, especially hiking, backpacking, and horseback riding. She lives in Englewood with her fiancé, three dogs, and a cat.