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The Price Is Right

June 30, 2022

Investing is not a game, and selecting stocks should be done rationally in order to avoid costly emotional mistakes in both up and down markets. We believe objective thinking and...


VIDEO: GHPIA 2022 Economic Outlook Forum

May 12, 2022

The theme of GHPIA's 2022 Economic Outlook Forum was "Navigating Rough Waters." Watch the video, in which GHPIA's advisors assess current market opportunities and economic risks and explain the guidelines...


Should Investors Worry About Rising Interest Rates?

March 31, 2022

The Fed’s actions do not necessarily mean the stock market is due for a collapse. On the contrary, history illustrates that the market typically performs well in a rising rate...


VIDEO: GHPIA Investment Risk Series: Financial and Fiscal Risk

July 15, 2021

Our series on how we think about investment risk and reward continues with this installment, which looks at the impact that public debt has on the economy and markets. Learn...


U.S. Debt is a Problem, But No Need to Call 911 Just Yet

June 30, 2021

Despite the recent necessary spikes in government spending, investors should now watch public debt levels carefully.


A Challenging Side Effect of COVID: Government Debt

June 30, 2021

Government debt will continue to be a long-term pandemic side effect, one that investors in international markets may endure safely if they devote increased scrutiny to deficits, tax rates, and...


VIDEO: GHPIA’s 2021 Economic Outlook Forum

May 14, 2021

At our recent Economic Outlook Forum, GHPIA's advisors assessed the post-pandemic economy and the opportunities and risks investors face amid the recovery. Watch it here.


VIDEO: Applying the GHPIA Valuation Benchmarks: Part 2 — 2008 Financial Crisis

February 17, 2021

Learn how GHPIA evaluates risk and reward in our investment selection process. Our ongoing series of short videos about our benchmarking process continues with a case study of the 2008...


Negative Capability and the Emotions of a Market Cycle

December 31, 2020

Here are three guidelines investors should use to weather the highs and lows of a tumultuous market cycle like that of the past year.


VIDEO: Applying the GHPIA Valuation Benchmarks: Part 1 — 1999 .com Stock Bubble

December 9, 2020

How does GHPIA evaluate risk and reward when we choose investments? Learn how in our ongoing series of short videos about our time-tested benchmarking process, which begins with this one,...


How Will the Election Affect Your Investments?

October 22, 2020

Investors may be wondering what moves they should make to cushion their portfolios against the possible repercussions of the 2020 presidential election. But as our research shows, in the long...


It’s 10 P.M.: Do You Know Where Your Municipal Bonds Are?

September 30, 2020

Investors should dig deeper into the “safe” part of portfolios and decide if the risk of individual municipal bonds is worth the reward.


World Trade: More Freedom or More Protectionism?

September 30, 2020

Despite current crises, the drive toward free world trade – and the benefits it brings to nations – seems unstoppable.


COVID-19: The Hard Numbers

March 31, 2020

How large are the potential health, economic, and financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic? We've analyzed the numbers, including possible recovery scenarios.


VIDEO: GHPIA’s Coronavirus Town Hall

March 25, 2020

Watch our recent webinar, in which GHPIA team leaders Brian Friedman, Mike Sullivan, and Carin Wagner discussed the economic and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how GHPIA is...


The Case for Optimism: A Global Economy Retrospective — 1999-2019

December 31, 2019

Despite the volatility and chaos of last 20 years, many people will be surprised to learn that our planet and our country are wealthier and more peaceful than at almost...


The Mighty Consumer to the Rescue

September 30, 2019

What is often lost within the din of negative economic news, the daily Twitter provocations, and stock market volatility is a vibrant U.S. consumer spending backdrop, which could be the...


Are IPOs Partying Like It’s 1999?

June 30, 2019

With innovative companies like Uber, Lyft, Pinterest, Airbnb, Zoom, and Beyond Meat going public in recent months, it feels like 1999 all over again. Except this time is different. Investors...


Slowing Population Growth as an Economic Problem

March 31, 2019

Our standard of living can continue its rise if we continue to invest in capital, technological innovation, and education. Our demographic fears, however, revolve around our ability to finance government...


A Tale of Two Housing Markets: Home Affordability vs. Accessibility

December 31, 2018

Home ownership is part of the American dream, but recent headlines suggest achieving this dream is becoming more expensive. Fortunately, based on the Homebuyer Affordability Index, the American dream is still...


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