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Debt Ceiling Showdown in Congress – We’ve Seen this Movie Before – But it Can Get Messy

January 27, 2023

Last week U.S. gross federal debt (debt held by the public and traded on the open market and intragovernmental debt or debt that one government entity owes to another) breached...


Portfolio Allocation: One Size Does Not Fit All

January 13, 2023

GHPIA's dollar weighted model approach allows our clients the peace of mind that they will have adequate cash for their withdrawals through market downturns, but at the same time avoid...


VIDEO: GHPIA – Outlasting the 2022 Bear Market

November 22, 2022

As the year draws to a close, stocks remain in a trough while punishing inflation levels persist at multi-decade highs. Although these challenges will clearly spillover into 2023, there is...


Growth Over Profits… Not So Fast

October 13, 2022

When bubbles burst, speculation tends to disappear, and rational thinking typically takes over with much greater emphasis on company profitability among other fundamentals.


The Price Is Right

June 30, 2022

Investing is not a game, and selecting stocks should be done rationally in order to avoid costly emotional mistakes in both up and down markets. We believe objective thinking and...


VIDEO: GHPIA 2022 Economic Outlook Forum

May 12, 2022

The theme of GHPIA's 2022 Economic Outlook Forum was "Navigating Rough Waters." Watch the video, in which GHPIA's advisors assess current market opportunities and economic risks and explain the guidelines...


Europe’s Banks Are Almost Healthy Again

May 3, 2022

Europe is trending toward a more American-style capital marketplace, with such funding sources as stocks and venture capital taking on increasing importance. As a result, we expect economic growth in...


Should Investors Worry About Rising Interest Rates?

March 31, 2022

The Fed’s actions do not necessarily mean the stock market is due for a collapse. On the contrary, history illustrates that the market typically performs well in a rising rate...


What Do You Own When You Invest in Chinese Stocks?

February 1, 2022

Many investors may be surprised to find out that, despite spending money on what they presume to be stock, they do not actually own anything in China. It walks and...


Tesla: Which Seat Are You In?

December 31, 2021

For all the market optimism about Tesla, even seasoned equity analysts have a hard time coming up with a consensus valuation. Here are some scenarios for the electric vehicle company’s...


The Cult of Crypto

September 30, 2021

Given the risks, including regulation, volatility, and valuation, it is hard to see why the cult of crypto continues to grow.


Will Carbon Trading Leave a Footprint?

September 30, 2021

Carbon emission reduction has spurred global investment. Nonetheless, we remain skeptical about carbon trading, both as an effective way to reduce pollution and as a long-term investment choice, judging by...


VIDEO: GHPIA Investment Risk Series: Financial and Fiscal Risk

July 15, 2021

Our series on how we think about investment risk and reward continues with this installment, which looks at the impact that public debt has on the economy and markets. Learn...


U.S. Debt is a Problem, But No Need to Call 911 Just Yet

June 30, 2021

Despite the recent necessary spikes in government spending, investors should now watch public debt levels carefully.


A Challenging Side Effect of COVID: Government Debt

June 30, 2021

Government debt will continue to be a long-term pandemic side effect, one that investors in international markets may endure safely if they devote increased scrutiny to deficits, tax rates, and...


VIDEO: GHPIA’s 2021 Economic Outlook Forum

May 14, 2021

At our recent Economic Outlook Forum, GHPIA's advisors assessed the post-pandemic economy and the opportunities and risks investors face amid the recovery. Watch it here.


VIDEO: Meet the GHPIA Team

May 13, 2021

Get to know the whole GHPIA team, the amazing group of experienced, caring experts who guide you and walk beside you as you confront financial challenges and big emotional decisions.


VIDEO: The GHPIA Investment Risk Scorecard: Profit Stability Score

April 15, 2021

As our series on how we determine risk and reward continues, learn about our Investment Risk Scorecard and how we separate companies with dependable profits from riskier firms with...


How GHPIA Screens Stocks for Your Portfolio

March 31, 2021

Our Investment Risk Scorecard helps us quantify the exposure of companies and industries to risk, based on these five fundamental metrics...


VIDEO: Applying the GHPIA Valuation Benchmarks: Part 2 — 2008 Financial Crisis

February 17, 2021

Learn how GHPIA evaluates risk and reward in our investment selection process. Our ongoing series of short videos about our benchmarking process continues with a case study of the 2008...


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